Dreadlock REMOVAL

It is possible to take out dreadlocks, not always practical. It will depend on your hair texture and how old the dreadlocks are. Here would be our recommendation:

First of all, if they’re long, cut off whatever you can deal with losing for length. Some of the hair at the ends of  your dreadlocks probably isn’t attached to your scalp anymore anyway. Begin on 100% dry hair. It is MUCH harder and more damaging to detangle wet hair. Using a metal comb, start picking out the dread from the bottom, and then work your way to the top. That’s pretty much it. Use conditioner ONLY if necessary, and then begin detangling again on dry hair. Find many friends who love you that will help you with detangling. There are also “Dreadlock Removal Kits” on the market that you could try. Putting dreadlocks in and taking them out are not easy or time-efficient tasks, so do not take them lightly. Make sure you are final on your decision, as it’s not something you’d want to keep going back and forth on. 

Can we help? Unfortunately, yes. Still the hourly rate, and hard to say how long it will take.