Can you color dreads? Sure, go for it. Dreadlocks are still hair, so same rules apply. The only major difference: you won’t be able to saturate the color evenly on all of the hair INSIDE the dread, so it won’t saturate/cover evenly. It would be best to have the color you want to be BEFORE you create your dreads and pretty much plan on keeping it that color, since it will be easiest to color your hair just at the roots, post-dreads. The first inch or so of your roots aren’t tightly dreaded yet, so you can put the color on in between your dreads at the scalp, and then just mush the color in with your fingers.

If you DO decide to do a more drastic color change while your hair is in dreadlocks, we highly suggest trying the color out on a “test dread” in the back/bottom of your head. If it doesn’t turn out the way you want, it’ll be much easier to color back over the single dread rather than trying to fix your entire head of dreadlocks.

The single most important thing about coloring your dreads: RINSING. Hair coloring products have chemicals in them which cannot just linger in your hair until your next shampoo. You need to rinse it out and shampoo it out COMPLETELY. Lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Although we do not do hair color here at Liz Kidder Studio, we would ALWAYS recommend seeing a professional for a hair color service. We can refer you to someone who has experience coloring dreadlocks, or we can speak with your usual hair stylist if he/she is willing to give it a shot!



Check out this tutorial-style video where Liz bleached her new growth!

*We still don't recommend doing this at home. Seriously.