At Liz Kidder Studio, we create new dreadlocks using the crochet hook method.  This technique must be done on clean, dry hair. We section the hair first. Sections may be square or triangular, and size of the sections will depend on the hair density, texture and desired dreadlock thickness. Sectioning is typically done "brick-lay" style, to allow the dreadlocks to fall in between each other, but is totally customizable depending on your desired end result.

To begin, we take the section of hair and backcomb it to create a really loose-looking dreadlock. Then, we take a small crochet hook and weave individual strands of hair back and forth through and around the dreadlock, starting at the root area, in order to lock it in tighter. The crocheting is the time-consuming part, but will make the dreadlocks much tighter and neater from the start.

The service time will depend on your hair density, length, texture and the thickness you’d like your dreadlocks to be. To complete a full head of new dreadlocks, it is not uncommon for it to take a few hours to a full day in the studio.

Disclaimer: The crocheting at the scalp area can be on a scale of uncomfortable to painful, depending on your scalp sensitivity, since individual strands of hair are being pulled/manipulated. If you are worried about your scalp sensitivity, we encourage you to start with partial dreadlocks (see below) for the first appointment. This allows you to see how the service feels, and to see how your hair reacts to dreadlocks in the early stages, after washing, etc. From there, you can set up appointments to continue adding more or to finish your entire head.





On the fence about whether dreadlocks are for you? Or how they'll mature with your hair type? Or maybe you just want a little music festival flare? Partial dreadlocks may be the answer! Start with one, a few, or a few rows underneath, without the FULL commitment to a full head of dreadlocks! If you decide they aren't for you after a while, it's much easier to brush out a few dreadlocks, as opposed to brushing out MANY dreadlocks! 



Maybe you're PRETTY sure you're ready, but not 100%. Maybe you don't want to sit for a really long appointment. Maybe you've got some beautiful curls that you don't want to give up completely... Half head dreadlocks might be for you! Or 2/3 or 3/4, or whatever the percentage you want.

Just beware: Sometimes half-heads require more maintenance due to having to detangle the loose hair from the dreadlocks or having separate washing routines for dreadlocks vs. loose hair.



Go big or go home.

You're so ready.

You've wanted this for years.

You've researched the entire internet, you've watched every YouTube video.

Nothing will stop you.

You want them all and you want them NOW.